Attentive to details and an admitted perfectionist, who has been working with metal since 1979.
During his 36 years experience, his first 12 years were dedicated to learning technique.
Since that time he began his quest, and his acknowledged achievements allowed him to develop his workshop
around creating decorative staircases, particularly the internal “débillardée” handrail.
His world has become a true research lab of forms, composition, and aesthetics where
the preliminary drawing occupies an essential place.
He admits “I draw with the right hand and erase with the left”.
With his pencil and his hammer, this artist makes “haute couture” of unique artistic pieces.
Marc lives in permanent search of the ever-increasingly beautiful and perfect job.
Striking 7000 matches and hammering a thousand blows, with the curves and twists of his art, Marc continues his search for even higher standards…